Box Beams

Box Beams

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Many homes can benefit from the beautiful and rustic look of box beams in a living room, kitchen or common room. These features draw the eye to the ceiling and provide a warm look. Box beams can be used to visually break up a large ceiling or draw the eye to a particular point of interest. Installing beams in an existing room or adding them as a feature in new construction can add a touch of rustic charm to your home.
Box Beams are made out of boards cut at an angle and fastened together in a hollow box beam configuration, using much less wood, making the beam affordable and simply to serve as a lightweight addition to the ceiling. The Box Beams used in the decor of a room can be much easier to install and will not serve to support as a solid beam would but rather to add aesthetic beauty to the room.
Acorn Millwork offers box beams made from multiple species of woods, included reclaimed wood. These wood box beams can be stained to a desired tint to match any decor. We can do anything from an elaborate design to simple lines that compliment any room or ceiling. Box beams are cost effective and offer many advantages. They can be used for both structural and decorative purposes. Using box beams on your project give you the ability to hide your wiring within the beam. Also, box beams allow Acorn Millwork to produce a beam that is any size, straight, mortise pocket free (if wanted), and all around a better quality. Best of all, it’s a product that is lighter in weight and easier to install.

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